Government-wide Financial Summary

Financial Magnifying Glass IconThe data presented here is taken from the City of Sealy’s latest audited government-wide Statement of Activities.


The government-wide Statement of Activities for a government entity is equivalent to the income statement of a for-profit business.


The government-wide Statement of Activities can be found in the city’s comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) and reports the results of the city’s operations on an accrual basis of accounting.


Under the accrual basis of accounting, revenues are recorded when earned and expenses are recorded when a liability is incurred, regardless of the timing of related cash flows.


Within the government-wide Statement of Activitiesgovernmental activities are reported separately from business-type activities but are then combined to provide totals for the entire government.


Governmental activities are those which normally are supported by taxes, intergovernmental revenues (e.g., grants), and other nonexchange transactions.


Business-type activities are those which rely to a significant extent on fees and charges to external customers for support (e.g., utility fees).

Government-wide Financial Summary
Revenue and Expenditures Per Capita