Request Open Records
Request Public Records IconThe City Secretary’s office is responsible for the care and maintenance of all City records. These records include all City Council minutes, agendas, ordinances, resolutions, deeds, easements, plats, contracts, and historical information. The City Secretary is designated as the City’s Records Management Officer by City ordinance. This designation makes the City Secretary responsible for developing and administering a records retention and destruction policy, monitoring the records storage area, and overseeing the control of electronically stored records. In addition to these responsibilities, the City Secretary responds to numerous requests for City records filed each year under the Texas Public Information Act.

If you need to view or obtain copies of public information in the custody of the City of Sealy, you must complete a Request for Public Information form and submit it to the attention of the City Secretary using any of these methods:


           In Person:     City Planning Offices
 405 Main Street
 Sealy, TX 77474-2232

           By Mail:  City of Sealy
 P. O. Box 517
 Sealy, TX 77474-0517

           By Fax:  (979) 885-3513

           By Email:  Brooke Knoll, City Secretary
In obtaining copies of public information, please be aware that there are fees associated with providing the information. Be sure to review the City’s schedule of Public Records Charges for a listing of these fees.