Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

Each person and entity that desires to transact business by providing goods and services to the City of Sealy must register to establish a vendor account with the municipality. The forms necessary to register a vendor account are accessible via the following button links. Each form opens in a new browser window or tab so that this page remains available in the background.

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Vendor Registration Packet
These forms provide the City of Sealy with the information necessary to set up a vendor account on our accounts payable system. It provides us with not only contact information but also information on how and where orders and payments are to be made.

This is a required form.
IRS Form W-9

Federal income tax law requires us to have your taxpayer identification number (TIN) on file. Under Federal Regulations, you are required to provide us with this information on Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. The City of Sealy must file a form 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC for all applicable vendors paid by the City during a calendar year.

Some payments do not have to be reported on Form 1099-MISC or Form 1099-NEC, although they may be taxable to the recipient. Payments for which a Form 1099-MISC or Form 1099-NEC is not required include all of the following:
  • Generally, payments to a corporation (including a limited liability company (LLC) that is treated as a C or S corporation). However, see Reportable payments to corporations , earlier.

Certificate of Interested Parties (TEC Form 1295)
This is a required form for any entity recognized by law through which business is conducted, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. "Business entities" include nonprofits but do not include governmental entities.

Pursuant to Section 2252.908 of the Texas Government Code, a governmental entity or state agency may not enter into certain contracts with a business entity unless the business entity submits a disclosure of interested parties to the governmental entity or state agency at the time the business entity submits the signed contract to the governmental entity or state agency.

A business entity must use the electronic filing application to enter the required information on Form 1295 and print a copy of the completed form, which will include a certification of filing that will contain a unique certification number. An authorized agent of the business entity must sign the printed copy of the form. The completed Form 1295 with the certification of filing must be filed with the governmental body or state agency with which the business entity is entering into the contract.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
Depending on circumstances in effect at the time, this form may or may not be required to be filed.
In accordance with Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code, this questionnaire must be filed by a vendor who has a business relationship with the City of Sealy as defined by Section 176.001(1-a) and who meets the requirements under Section 176.006(a).

If the questionnaire is required to be completed, it must be filed with the City Secretary not later than the 7th business day after the date the vendor becomes aware of facts that require the statement to be filed. See Section 176.006(a-1) of the Local Government Code.

If you need further assistance regarding this form, it is suggested that you review a complete copy of Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code and contact your legal counsel for additional instruction.

This is an optional form.
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
The City of Sealy can process payments to you via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) banking system. This system speeds up the payment process by eliminating the wait for paper checks to be printed, signatures to be obtained, remittance envelopes to be stuffed, sealed, and stamped, and your payment to make its way through the postal system. It also streamlines the payment process by electronically depositing funds directly into your bank account, thereby further eliminating the need for you to prepare deposits and make trips to the bank. For record keeping purposes, we can mail, fax, or email a remittance advice to you, detailing the invoices that are being paid and the date when the funds will be deposited into your account.

Submission of Forms
Please complete all necessary forms and return them to us:
  • By emailing to ap@ci.sealy.tx.us OR
  • By faxing to (979) 885-3513 OR
  • By mailing to City of Sealy, Texas, ATTN: Accounts Payable, P. O. Box 517, Sealy, TX 77474-0517
Submission of Statements and Invoices
Please submit statements and all invoices for payment:
  • By emailing to ap@ci.sealy.tx.us OR
  • By faxing to (979) 885-3513 OR
  • By mailing to City of Sealy, Texas, ATTN: Accounts Payable, P. O. Box 517, Sealy, TX 77474-0517

Please note that the City of Sealy will not be responsible for payment of any assessed service/finance charges unless all vendor forms, invoices, and statements are submitted as specified above. In addition, the City will not be responsible for payment of any such charges resulting from unauthorized modifications to the above submission information. If any modification requests are made, please contact the City's Finance Department at (979) 885-3511 or email finance@ci.sealy.tx.us to verify.

Tax Exemption
The City of Sealy is exempt from payment of state and local sales and use taxes. If you would like to receive a completed Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification for your files, please provide us with the email address to which it should be emailed, the phone number to which it should be faxed, or the address to which it should be mailed.