Gas Services

Gas Services

The City of Sealy Public Works' Gas Department services, maintains, and inspects approximately 47 miles of natural gas pipelines that service the city. There are over 1,192 service connections to the natural gas distribution system. The gas department also services, maintains, and inspects 2 city "gates" or distribution stations and 1 district regulator station. Other duties include gas line and meter installations, leak investigations and repairs, requests for new service connections and service disconnections, and monthly meter reading. The Gas Department works under the regulatory guidelines of the Texas Railroad Commission which includes periodic safety inspections of the distribution system and an annual audit of the system.

In case of an imminent threat to life and property or other emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Current Gas rates can be found on the Master Fee Schedule

The rates for service will also include an additional charge that represents the City's cost to purchase each hundred cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas from its supplier. This additional charge is known as a "fuel adjustment factor," which fluctuates monthly.

Fixed Charges (per month)

Digging can be dangerous. There are buried utilities throughout the city. Hitting a utility line can be both dangerous and costly. Without knowing the locations of the buried utilities, you jeopardize your safety as well as others and risk the inconvenience of being without the service.

Before beginning any project that requires you to move earth, Dial 811. This is a free service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The locate center will contact the city and the utility departments will mark their lines within 3 business days. Wait the required time - at least 3 business days. Once lines are marked, dig with care and dig safely by hand digging within 18 inches of any marking.


How to Recognize a Gas Leak

  • Smell: A distinctive rotten egg odor is added to natural gas.
  • Listen: Listen for an unusual hissing or blowing sound around gas appliances or gas lines.
  • Look: Watch for blowing dirty, dry spots in moist areas, or dead grass in areas near gas lines.

Suspect a Gas Leak?

  • Do not turn any lights on or off, smoke, use a cell phone, or operate a vehicle or other equipment that might cause a spark.
  • Do not try to locate the leak yourself.
  • Call the City of Sealy at (979) 885-3511 from a neighbor's phone.
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