Municipal Court

Municipal Court

Welcome to the Sealy Municipal Court home page.  We are here to provide effective, efficient, and impartial service to all who participate in the local municipal court system.  We have staff available to assist you through this process and will be able to provide you with your options, but may not provide any recommendations nor legal advice.  If you provided the officer with a phone number, you will receive a text message from the court when your citation is filed. It is important that you understand it may take up to (3) business days for the court to receive your citation and staff will not be able to assist you until your citation is received and processed.   

In most cases, questions you may have can be answered on this site or on the courtesy handout the officer provided you with.  If you are not able to get your question answered here, please feel free to contact the court after your citation has been filed and one of our clerks will assist you.  

Physical Address:
415 Main Street
Sealy, TX 77474
(979) 885-6733 Telephone
(979) 885-4784 Facsimile

SD531483 Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 517
Sealy, TX 77474
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Closed on scheduled holidays

We recognize the need to ensure the health and safety of those who visit the court.  As our lobby is extremely small, we encourage the use of a facial covering if it will help you feel more comfortable.  Hand sanitizer will be provided for you to use upon entering and exiting our lobby.  The court requires that you NOT appear in person if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms or have come in contact with someone that was diagnosed with any contagious disease.  Please note that if you do not wish to comply with the court's minimum health standards protocols, you are welcome to take care of your business via mail or E-mail correspondence.

NEW CITATIONS FILED with an on or before appearance date on the citation may appear in person, by fax 979-885-4784, by mail (post marked by due date) or by E-mail villagomez@ci.sealy.tx.us (sent by due date) as stipulated on your citation.  You must appear in person or file documents with the court in writing to dispose of your citation.  If the court does not receive a filing from you by the court date, you will have failed to appear and the case will progress to the next level.

The court is no longer holding court hearings via Zoom.  You will be required to appear in person as scheduled on your court setting notice.

Please Note: During the course of your traffic stop, the officer collected your telephone information for court purposes.  This number may be used to provide you with a courtesy phone call and or text message.  (ie. reminder of appearance date, reminder of payment due to avoid a capias pro fine warrant for non-payment, notice prior to an arrest warrant being issued for failure to appear, etc.)  It is important to notify the court of any contact information changes in order to keep your record up to date.  You may email a clerk listed below with the update at any time.  If you would like to opt out of future courtesy calls, please contact the court at 979-885-6733 or call 1-855-502-7867.  Thank you.

Driver Responsibility Program (DRP): Repealed 9-1-19

The  Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) has been repealed.  Effective 9-1-19, all DRP surcharge suspensions ended.  The Department of Public Safety (DPS) no longer assess DRP points for moving violations.  Any previously assessed points have been removed from your record.   All surcharge assessments are waived and no future surcharges will be assessed.  You will still be responsible for any other suspensions, fines or fees on your driver record, including non-surcharge related suspensions, fines, or fees.

It is important to note that Failure to Appear is NOT related to surcharges.  Under the Failure to Appear/Failure to Pay Program, the Department may deny the renewal of a driver license if you have failed to appear for a citation or failed to satisfy a judgment ordering the payment of a fine. Your driver license may be denied renewal until the reported citations or violations are cleared and reported by the court to the Department. 

Failure to Appear:

DPS FTA Program Logo Click the image to see whether you have an outstanding warrant in any Texas court and whether there is a hold on the ability to renew your driver's license.   Amount due may differ from what the court has on file.  This is due to collection fees being added 60 days after initially being reported to DPS.  Please keep in mind that all warrants will remain active until you make arrangements with the court.

Self-Help Resources:

S.B. 1911 requires the "clerk of each court of this state" to provide a link to self-help legal resources available through the Office of Court Administration and the following link to the  State Law Library's (opens external link in new window) website.  These could be helpful to pro se litigants attempting to navigate the legal process on their own.  Please be aware that the information provided may be geared more towards civil cases.  Charges filed in this court are criminal cases, therefore, all the information provided in this link may not apply to this court.

Driving Directions to Court:

From IH-10, take the 720 exit (Hwy 36 exit), turn left onto Hwy 36, turn left onto Main Street, Municipal Center is located on right-hand side of street, Municipal Court is located in City Hall (separate entrance on east side of building).

Other Information:

Presiding Judge: Lora Lenzsch
Alternate Judge: Michael Kubricht

Prosecutor: Tim Kirwin (Do not call or email directly as prosecutor does not work off docket.  You will need to appear in person or E-mail the Court Administrator, Fawn Mackey, at fmackey@ci.sealy.tx.us for assistance.)

Attorney Letters of Representation need to be filed with the Court Administrator, Fawn Mackey, at fmackey@ci.sealy.tx.us.