The law requires you to make an appearance in your case. Your appearance date is noted on your citation, bond, summons, or release papers. You or your attorney may appear in person in open court, by mail, E-Mail, or you may hand deliver your plea to the court by your scheduled appearance date. Juveniles must appear in person.


The date on your citation is an appearance date. You will not be speaking to the judge on this date. This is your first appearance with the court to determine your options. 

You may enter a plea of no contest (nolo contendere) or guilty and choose the following:

  • Request Driver Safety Course, if eligible.
  • Pay the fine(s) in full.
  • Request a payment plan if needed. You will be required to fill out a payment plan application and make a down payment.
  • If you plead not guilty, the court requires a pre-trial conference with the prosecutor prior to setting your jury trial or non-jury trial. The court holds pre-trials once a month. You will be scheduled on the next available docket. Also, if you wish to plead not guilty, you may do so prior to your appearance date in person, by mail, E-mail, or fax. This will cancel your appearance date and a pre-trial date will be issued and mailed to you.
If you require legal advice or questions about your best course of action, how you should plea, your rights, or the consequences of a conviction of the violation, you must contact a licensed attorney. Neither the clerk, judge nor prosecutor can give you legal advice.
Adult Court Procedures pamphlets are available in English and Spanish.


Defendants may request a reset in writing if they feel they have just cause for one.   Resetting your case from the original appearance date will void your right to request the Driver Safety course.  All reset requests for pre-trials must be filed with the court no later than 48 hours prior to the pre-trial date.  It will be up to the judge's discretion whether to grant or deny.  Reset requests on any pre-trial docket will be set on the next available docket.  NO RESETS WILL BE GRANTED OVER THE TELEPHONE.

All juveniles are required to appear in open court for all proceedings in their case(s). The parent of any juvenile charged in municipal court is required to be present in court with his or her child.