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Patrick Parsons
Director of Public Works 

Brooke Kaiser
Public Works Admin/GIS Tech.

Lesley Aguado
Public Works Admin-Streets & Parks

Nick Hagen
Water & Sewer Superintendent

Hunter Kmiec
Gas Superintendent

Travis Cochran
Wastewater Superintendent

Stephen Bozich
Parks, Recreation, Streets, Drainage & Buildings Superintendent

Public Works
Physical Address
405 Main Street
Sealy, TX 77474-2232
Phone: (979) 885-3511
Fax: (979) 885-3513
Email: Public Works

Monday through Friday
8 AM to 5 PM

The Public Works Department is the consolidation of several departments into one which includes: Gas, Wastewater, Water Treatment, Solid Waste, Streets, Drainage, Parks & Recreation, and Building Services.

The employees of the Public Works Department provide a vital public service through planning, engineering, constructing, inspecting, operating, and maintaining Sealy's public infrastructure. All of the city streets, signs, water/wastewater utilities, city-wide distribution system, and the storm drainage systems are maintained by our public works employees. The department strives to ensure high quality residential and commercial development, invest time to provide and maintain high quality public assets, promote ease of mobility throughout the city, and provide a high degree of customer service and satisfaction.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Wipes & Personal Hygiene Products Clog Sewer Lines!

Since the recent shortage of toilet paper, the City's service calls on our sewer lines have doubled. The system is designed to handle water, human waste, and toilet paper ONLY. Many household products are labeled and marketed as disposable and/or flushable; many baby and adult personal hygiene products, along with household wipes and cleaning towelettes are labeled both disposable and flushable. While these products may be marketed as a convenience item in this way, the truth is that these type of items have the ability to clog and stop up not only the sewer line on your property, but also can cause blockage and service problems in the public sewer system and pump stations.

Unlike toilet paper, these products DO NOT break down once they are flushed. They can cause blockages in your on-site sewer, especially older pipelines that may have grease, roots, or other obstructions already existing. A repair of the on-site sewer can leave you with a very costly sewer repair.

On a larger scale, when these products make their way into the public sewer system they collect together, causing very large obstructions and clogs in the main collector lines and get tangled in pump stations requiring repair or replacement of equipment.

What We Can All Do To Help...

The following items should NEVER be flushed into the sewer system:

Do Not Flush

Every home and business has a sewer connection to the public sewer system. This connection runs from the home or business to the sewer main where it is connected to the public sewer system. This on-site sewer line is the responsibility of the home or business owner to keep clear so there are no back-ups of wastewater into the home or business. Save yourself and the City from costly repairs and/or replacement bills. DO NOT FLUSH THE LISTED ITEMS; PLACE THEM IN THE TRASH, NOT THE TOILET.

After Hours
The City of Sealy Public Works Department provides 24-hour emergency services. To report emergencies after normal business hours, weekends, or holidays, please call 979-885-3511 and the appropriate Public Works personnel will be contacted.