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Water Meter Replacement Project

Water Meter Upgrades

The City of Sealy has launched a project to upgrade water meter hardware within the city. 

The City of Sealy has partnered with Accurate Meter to bring smart water meters to our citizens to modernize operations, improve aged infrastructure, and to improve utility customers’ experience. The new smart meters are a more accurate and intelligent tool for water conservation and will greatly improve our water system’s operational efficiency. These upgrades will allow us to collect water reads remotely via RF (radio frequency), eliminating the potential for errors and increasing efficiency during our reading process. The scope of this project will require employees to change out older, existing water meters and replace them with newer models equipped with an RF transmitter. This will require staff to temporarily shut off water service while replacing the water meter.

Utility customers will be notified on the next utility bill, as well as the City's website and Facebook page.

There is no cost to customers for the project and our communities’ drinking water will remain safe to drink throughout the project. Our goal is to reduce water loss due to leaks, improve visibility of water usage trends, and accelerate reporting and handling of problems.

Smart water meters will enable the automated transmission of customers’ water meter readings, providing them with accurate, near-real-time data on their water usage. Through a user-friendly portal, customers will have near-real-time water usage information at their fingertips and receive leak alerts, thereby reducing bills and saving money. This technology will help customers better manage water usage and protect against high bills. The EyeOnWater online portal provides easy to understand graphs and allows you to create personalized alerts. 

To access your personalized online portal visit EyeOnWater Signup - you will need your Utility Account Number, Zip Code, and an email address.

Meter replacements are scheduled to begin March 11, 2024 and be completed within 4-6 months. Meter staff will perform meter upgrades throughout area, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Shown below are examples of the signs and trucks that will be out in the City during the meter replacements. 

A meter replacement typically takes 15-30 minutes. Occasionally, it is difficult to locate a meter and, therefore, it may take longer and/or it may require a return visit from our staff.

Factors that can affect the ease and duration of replacement can include:
a) condition of the existing service line,
b) condition of shut-off valves,
c) location of the pressure reducing valve (PRV), and
d) accessibility of the water meter.

These factors will be assessed at the time of the replacement, and we will do our best to inform you if the process could take longer than expected.

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