City Council

City Council

The City Council is the governing body of the City of Sealy. The City Council has the power to enact local legislation, adopt budgets, determine policy, and appoint the City Manager, who in turn executes the laws and administers the government of the City. This is known as the “Council-Manager” form of government.

The City Council is composed of the Mayor and six (6) Council members. The Mayor and all Council members are elected from the City at-large, and each Councilmember occupies a unique position, or “place,” on the City Council. The Mayor and the Council members are elected to serve for three-year terms. No person may be elected or appointed to serve for more than three (3) consecutive three-year terms, or portion thereof, as Mayor and/or Council member.

The Mayor is the official head of the City government and presides at all meetings of the City Council. The Mayor is entitled to vote upon all matters before the City Council unless prohibited by law, but has no power of veto. The Mayor sees that all ordinances, regulations, and resolutions of the City Council are faithfully obeyed and enforced. When authorized by the City Council, the Mayor signs all official documents, such as ordinances, resolutions, conveyances, agreements, contracts, and bonds. The Mayor appoints special committees which he or she deems advisable or as instructed by the City Council. The Mayor also performs any other duties consistent with the City Charter as may be imposed by City Council.

The Mayor Pro-Tem is a Council member who is elected annually by the City Council to act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor, and when so acting in this capacity, has the authority conferred upon the Mayor.

To qualify for office, the Mayor and each Council member must (a) be at least twenty-one (21) years of age upon commencement of the term filled at their election, (b) be a resident of the City, (c) have resided in the City for at least twelve (12) months immediately preceding election day, and (d) be a qualified voter.

Current members of the City Council, along with their contact information, are listed below.

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Councilmember, Place 1
Councilmember, Place 2
Councilmember, Place 3
Councilmember, Place 4
Councilmember, Place 5
Councilmember, Place 6

Agendas, Minutes and Videos of City Council Meetings

photo-SealyCityHall-JO2The City Council holds at least two (2) regular meetings each month and as many additional special meetings as it deems necessary to transact the business of the City. Special meetings may be held on the call of the Mayor or four (4) or more Council members. The City Council fixes, by ordinance, the days and times of the regular meeting. All meetings of the City Council are held at the City Hall or at such other public place as may be approved by City Council. All meetings of the City Council are open to the public, except as authorized by State law. Each member of City Council, if present, votes upon all matters before the City Council, except when the matter involves the consideration of that member’s own official conduct or where that member’s participation in the vote is prohibited by State law.

Currently, regular meetings of the City Council are held:
  • Date:  First (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday of each month unless* the Monday preceding the meeting date is an official city holiday, in which case the city council meeting shall be held on the next Wednesday (*ordinance 2023-30).
  • Time:  6:00 PM
  • Place: Council Chambers, 415 Main Street, Sealy

Governance Policy and Rules of Procedure
Per Sec. 3.11 of the City Charter, the City Council by ordinance determines its own rules and order of business, and the rules provide that citizens of the City shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard at any meeting in regard to any matter under consideration. The City Council provides for minutes being taken and recorded of all its public meetings, and such minutes shall be a public record. Four (4) members of City Council constitute a quorum for the purpose of transaction of business, and no action of the City Council is valid or binding unless approved by the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire City Council. If, at any meeting of four (4) or more members of the City Council, neither the Mayor nor Mayor Pro-Tem is present, then those Council members present elect one of their number to be the chairperson for conducting the meeting.

Members of the City Council, City staff, and the public are to observe and abide by the following rules of procedure and governance policy as set out in the City of Sealy Code of Ordinances:

Chapter 2, Article II, Sec. 2-35. - Rules of procedure.(opens external link in new window)

Chapter 2, Article II, Sec. 2-36. - Council governance policy and additional rules of procedure.