City Secretary

City Secretary

Overview of the City Secretary’s Office

Sandra Vrablec
City Secretary

Jennifer Matura
Deputy City Secretary

Mission of the City Secretary's Office
The mission of the City Secretary’s office is to support all government processes involved with the City of Sealy by:
  • Attending all meetings of the City Council, Boards, Commissions, and Committees and maintaining accurate records of all actions taken;
  • Maintaining the official records and files of the City;
  • Administering oaths;
  • Attesting contracts, certificates, and other legal instruments when executed by authorized officers of the City;
  • Serving as the chief election official for all City elections;
  • Improving public access to municipal records and other information; and
  • Providing daily assistance to all administrative departments of the City of Sealy.
The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the City Manager with the concurrence of the City Council. The City Secretary is responsible for the following departments and services:
  • City Council
  • Board/Commissions/Committees
  • Building Services
  • Records Management
  • Public Information
  • Elections
  • Permits/Licenses
City Council
The City Secretary’s office is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of City Council meeting agendas and packets. She must attend every meeting of the City Council and keep accurate minutes of the proceedings, ordinances, and resolutions.

The City Secretary’s office coordinates the recruitment, application, and appointment process for City Council appointed boards, commissions, and committees. She is also responsible for the preparation and dissemination of these meeting agendas and packets. She must attend every meeting
scheduled for all Boards/Commissions/Committees and keep accurate minutes of these meetings.

Records Management/Public Information
The City Secretary’s office is responsible for the care and maintenance of all City records. These records include all City Council minutes, agendas, ordinances, resolutions, deeds, easements, plats, contracts, and historical information. The City Secretary is designated as the City’s Records Management Officer by City ordinance. This designation makes her responsible for developing and administering a records retention and destruction policy, monitoring the records storage area, and overseeing the control of electronically stored records. In addition to these responsibilities, the City Secretary responds to numerous requests for City records filed each year under the Texas Public Information Act.

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The City Secretary serves as the Election Official for the City of Sealy and is responsible for the administration of all City elections. She prepares submissions to the U.S. Department of Justice for pre-clearance of election issues under the Federal Voting Rights Act.

The City Secretary’s office is also responsible for the issuance of certain permits and licenses including alcoholic beverage licenses, wrecker permits, and solicitor permits.

Looking to see if a door-to-door salesperson is registered with us?  View our list of active solicitor permits (PDF) HERE. While conducting business, permit holders are required to visibly display the ID card issued to them by the City by attaching it to their clothing. 

Additional Duties of the City Secretary's Office
In addition to the duties listed above, the City Secretary serves as custodian of the City corporate seal and attests the Mayor’s signature on all official documents; records and files deeds, easements, and plats; coordinates the codification of City ordinances into the City Code of Ordinances; publishes all legal ads and notices for the City; receives bids and attends bid openings; posts all legal notices and agendas; and develops and oversees the City Secretary, Building Services, and City Council department budgets.

View the City of Sealy's  Code of Ordinances at Municode.com (Municipal Code Corporation's website).