Public Notices

Public Notices

PRESS RELEASE  12/22/2022

               The City of Sealy Prevails in lawsuit by former City Manager

The Texas Department of Public Safety manages a program for law enforcement agencies that allows the acquisition, possession and usage of surplus Department of Defense equipment that can be utilized for criminal justice purposes. The Sealy Police Department has participated in the program for several years and may intend on potentially acquiring additional surplus property within the next 12 months. 

Attached is required notification to City Council regarding the Texas LESO Program which states that the SPD will notify the public and the Civilian Governing Body no later than July 1 of each consecutive year, by providing an updated comprehensive list of controlled property that it may potentially request and acquire in the following fiscal year.  The Sealy Police Department may screen, possess, or acquire any of the following surplus Department of Defense property, which is identified in the attachment.

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ISSUE CERTIFICATES NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Sealy, Texas (the “City”) will meet at its regular meeting place at City Hall, Sealy, Texas at 6:00 p.m. on the 21st day of June, 2022, which is the time and place tentatively set for the passage of an ordinance and such other action as may be deemed necessary to authorize the issuance of the City’s certificates of obligation in one or more series (the “Certificates”), payable from ad valorem taxation and a surplus pledge of certain revenues of the waterworks and sanitary sewer system of the City, in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $18,000,000, bearing interest at any rate or rates, not to exceed the maximum interest rate now or hereafter authorized by law, as shall be determined within the discretion of the City Council at the time of issuance and maturing over a period of years not to exceed forty (40) years from the date thereof, for the purpose of evidencing the indebtedness of the City to pay all or any part of the contractual obligations to be incurred for the construction of public works and the purchase of materials, supplies, equipment, machinery, buildings, land and rights-of-way for authorized needs and purposes and for the payment of contractual obligations for professional services, to wit: (i) improvements and repairs to the City’s street, road and stormwater drainage system, (ii) improvements and repairs to the City’s water, sanitary sewer and waste water system, (iii) improvements and repairs to the City’s gas utility system and (iv) professional services rendered in connection with the above listed projects. The estimated combined principal and interest required to pay the Certificates on time and in full is $28,389,779. Such estimate is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on an assumed interest rate of 4.15%. Market conditions affecting interest rates vary based on a number of factors beyond the control of the City, and the City cannot and does not guarantee a particular interest rate associated with the Certificates. As of the date of this notice, the aggregate principal amount outstanding of tax-supported debt obligations of the City (excluding public securities secured by an ad valorem tax but designated by the City as self-supporting in Resolution No. 2022-06 , dated April 19, 2022, which resolution is available from the City upon request) is $5,316,380, and based on the City’s expectations, as of the date of this notice the combined principal and interest required to pay all of the outstanding tax-supported debt obligations of the City (excluding public securities secured by an ad valorem tax but designated by the City as self-supporting) on time and in full is $6,295,066.

Citizens of Sealy, 
The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) recently completed a Railway Safety Inspection for the purpose of ensuring that all crossings in the Quiet Zone are in compliance with the Federal Train Horn Rule. Both the City of Sealy and BNSF Railway received notification that the Quiet Zone was not in compliance with the required distance between the crossing arm and street. As a safety measure, BNSF has temporarily issued an order to start sounding their horns until the Quiet Zone is in compliance. The City is working with the FRA to ensure traffic safety measures are met so that we can resume the Quiet Zone. We will be setting up two temporary road closures in the following locations: NW Front Street at Maler Road and on E. Front Street between San Felipe Road and 2nd Street. Our staff will be working at these locations to extend the distances between the crossing arm and street. This temporary road closure is scheduled to begin May 5, 2022 and finish on August 5, 2022.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

In accordance with Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 212, the City of Sealy, Texas, City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. at the W.E. Hill Community Center located at 1000 Main Street, Sealy, Texas 77474, regarding an extension to the development moratorium imposed on property development affecting residential and commercial property which is specifically related to a shortage of essential public facilities being water capacity.

All interested persons shall have the right to be heard and comment at the Public Hearing.

Contact City Hall at 979-885-3511 with question regarding this Public Hearing.