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Emergency Updates

Emergency Updates

Monday, July 8, 2024 - Hurricane Beryl

Order Declaring Local State of Disaster

Limb & Debris Clean-up
Due to the after effects of Hurricane Beryl, the citizens have been left with large amounts of limb and branch debris. The City will assist in the clean-up efforts by picking up small and medium limbs from the curbside of homeowners in the city limits at no charge through Friday the 19th. The limbs cannot be larger than 6 feet in length. For more efficient clean up, please refer to these pictures for how to stack your limbs and branch debris.
Bagged vegetative debris, such as leaves, will be picked up by the city’s solid waste contractor, TDS, on your regular bulky trash day, the last day of pick up for the month.
Limbs 02   Limbs 01 (1)

City Limb Site
For the immediate future, the City’s Limb Site is currently closed due to the muddy conditions.  We will update the City’s Facebook page and website once the Limb Site is open to the public.

TDS Trash Collection
All trash and recycling collection days will be pushed back by a day. Friday & Saturdays picks up will be done on Saturday.

Sunday, July 7, 2024 - Hurricane Beryl

The Sealy Police and Public Works Departments have been in communication with one another, and with the Austin County Office of Emergency Management to make preparations for any possible emergencies related to Hurricane Beryl.  Sealy Police Department and Public Works Department staff have been put on standby.  As of right now, essential City staff are scheduled to be on duty at City Hall during regular business hours.  Should conditions worsen, we will provide updates as necessary.  A Robo-call has been transmitted with the following message:  Out of extreme caution, based on National Weather Service and Texas Division of Emergency Management, the City of Sealy is preparing for any possible complications from Hurricane Beryl and potential tornado aftereffects.  You are urged to secure anything that could become flying debris, have at least 3-5 days of emergency supplies readily available, and take all necessary precautions for any possible power outages before the storm makes landfall.  Most importantly, once the storm arrives, you are urged to stay indoors and off the roadways for safety.  Refer to the City of Sealy’s and the Sealy Police Department’s Facebook pages for further updates, as well as the City of Sealy’s website.

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