Rentals by Not-for-profit Organizations

Rentals by Not-for-profit Organizations

Updated pricing and policies have recently been adopted.  Web site updates are pending and this page may not reflect the latest information.

Lessee must show proof of non-profit status:

  • IRS determination letter,
  • Articles of incorporation,
  • Bylaws, and/or
  • Notarized, sworn statement of non-profit status

Leased premises will be reserved by execution of an agreement and payment of the following deposit and rental fees which are refundable in full up to thirty (30) days prior to function date:

Lessee agrees to pay the City deposit of $50.00 prior to the time of agreement to make said facility available on the date(s) specified. Lessee understands that booking of the facility is confirmed once the agreement is executed and payment of said deposit is made; verbal commitments between the parties to the agreement will not be binding.

Rental Charge
ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE LIMITED TO ONE (1) FREE RENTAL NOT TO EXCEED THREE (3) HOURS IN LENGTH PER MONTH AT A DISCOUNTED RENTAL RATE OF $100.00. Any rentals outside of these guidelines will be charged the full rate.

The City of Sealy has audio visual equipment available for rental. This includes a 69” x 92” recessed ceiling projection screen, NEC VT-770 video projector with 3000 Lumens of brightness and XGA native resolution, wireless hand-held microphone, 25-foot audio cable, ceiling speakers, and a computer/video interface wall plate to connect computer, VCR, or DVD equipment. The rental charge for use of the audio visual equipment is $35.00 per day.

Lessee must provide their own computer, VCR, or DVD equipment. Cable or internet access is not available at this time. Any damage(s) caused to the equipment by the Lessee will be deducted from the abovementioned deposit. If damages exceed this amount, Lessee will be required to pay additional expenses immediately. In addition, a $25.00 fee will be charged if the video projector is left on after Lessee leaves the facility.

Should Lessee decide to cancel the booking for the rental date(s) specified above, Lessee shall provide written notice of such cancellation to the City not less than thirty (30) days prior to the booking, in which case the City shall refund the entire deposit to Lessee. However, if Lessee notifies the City of cancellation less than thirty (30) days prior to the booking and the facility does not otherwise become booked for the specified rental date(s), Lessee will forfeit to the City 50% of the entire deposit.

Lessee shall be responsible for obtaining keys to the facility from the City at 415 Main Street, Sealy no earlier than 3:00 p.m. the business day prior to the scheduled event if the event is on a weekend or scheduled holiday. If Lessee obtains these keys after normal business hours, Lessee agrees to pay the City a fee of $25.00. Upon conclusion of the event, if Lessee fails to return the keys to the City of Sealy before 5 p.m. the business day following the event, the Lessee shall pay an additional fee of $25.00. If the keys are lost or not returned, the Lessee shall pay the cost of replacing all locks on the facility.

When security is required by the City of Sealy, the Lessee shall employ off-duty certified police officers at the Lessee’s own expense. Such off-duty officers must be approved by the Sealy Police Chief prior to the day of the event. The City of Sealy reserves the right, and the Lessee agrees, to have Sealy Police Officers to enter the Community Center at any time. If the Police Officer finds the Lessee to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Lease or the Rules attached thereto, he/she shall have authority to close the Community Center.

Lessee acknowledges that it will be responsible for the activities occurring on the Community Center premises during the period of its possession, and that it will permit no nuisance or illegal or immoral activity to take place thereon. Lessee further agrees that it will indemnify and hold harmless the City of Sealy, the City Council, City Employees, and Agents from any and all loss or liability arising from any claim for injury or death to any person, or damage to any property, during the Lessee’s possession of the Community Center premises.


Lessee’s Responsibilities: After use of the facility, Lessee agrees to abide by the following general housekeeping rules:

  • All tables and chairs are to be left in a clean condition and are to be put back in place as originally found. Tables and chairs are not to be removed from inside the facility at any time.
  • All floors are to be cleaned (swept, mopped, and free of grease). Brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies for Lessee’s use are located in Mechanic Room B.
  • Restrooms are to be cleaned, mopped and trash and debris removed.
  • Lessee will not tape or hang anything from the walls or ceiling of the Community Center, because this frequently causes damage to paint and ceiling tiles. Nails, tacks and tape are prohibited.
  • All garbage cans are to be emptied. All trash is to be removed from inside the facility, including restrooms, and the grounds outside the facility. Receptacles are provided outside the facility for the deposit of all trash.
  • All lights and air conditioning or heating units are to be turned off.
  • All doors are to be locked.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed on the premises during illegal hours. Violators will be subject to arrest by officers of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
  • Everything brought into the facility must be removed upon conclusion of the rental period. Anything left in the facility will become the property of the City of Sealy.

Upon inspection of the facility after rental, if any damages have been incurred or if the general housekeeping rules have not been followed, charges for cleaning services or reparation will be deducted from Lessee’s deposit. Any remaining balance will be billed to Lessee.

Non-compliance with the above listed housekeeping rules and requirements will result in the assessment of the following fees that will be deducted from the rental deposit:

  • Table and chairs are not cleaned and/or returned to storage: $ 25
  • Garbage not removed from all areas and taken from facility: $ 25
  • Floors not swept and mopped: $ 50
  • Bathrooms not cleaned: $ 50
  • Air/heat or lights left on: $ 75
  • Debris left in or around the facility creating unsanitary or unhealthy conditions (such as food, diapers, feces, etc.): $ 100
  • Not securing the facility upon departure: $ 100
  • Use of confetti, tape, nails or tacks within the facility: $ 50

Upon inspection of the facility after rental, if any damages have been incurred or if the general housekeeping rules have not been followed, charges for cleaning services or reparation will be deducted from Lessee’s deposit. Any remaining balance will be billed to Lessee.